Full Floor Plan

Engaging spaces and open, flexible floor plates create a culture of collaboration and conversation within your business. Do what works for you – stand up, sit down, enjoy some private space, or keep things open – the choice is yours and what works for your business.

Typical Office Floor Plan (Single Tenant)

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Test Fit Floor Plan (Single Tenant)

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Subdivided Floor Plan

Typical Office Floor Plan (Multiple Tenants)

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Test Fit Floor Plan (Multiple Tenants)

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Specifications of Building

  • A/C system: Centralised chilled water system
  • A/C Control System: Numerous VAV boxes per office area controlled via Building Management System

Minimum 2.95 metres

Raised Floor

Fibre optic backbone

  • T5 ceiling recessed fluorescent light fittings
  • Includes light and motion sensors
  • Low-E laminated annealed glass
  • Laminated ceramic frit spandrel glass
  • Turnstiles with card access
  • Destination control lift system with card access
  • CCTV cameras in common areas i.e. lifts, lobby and fire lift lobby
  • 24-hour security patrol
  • Fire alarm system, fire sprinkler system and smoke spill system
  • Separate access for office and hotel

Power Supply:

  • 4 nos. of distribution boards power supply of 60A TPN per floor
  • 4 nos. of digital kWh meter provided on each office floor

Power Allocation:

Lighting: 6 watt per metre sq.
General Power: 11 watt per metre sq.
Special Provisions: 100% generator backup office (high zone)
Low Zone: 6 lifts@ 3m/s
High Zone: 5 lifts@ 4m/s
Service Lifts: 1 lift@ 3m/s
Car Park Lift (LL1 &2): 4 lifts@ 1.5 m/s